The SCIPP is a mine to 300 MW coal-fired power plant being developed to supply electricity to Botswana and other Southern African countries. It is located in the vicinity of the Morupule power station complex.

Sechaba Core Drilling

Coal supply for the SCIPP will be provided by Shumba Energy through the company’s 1-billion-tonne Sechaba coal resource. The project is advanced with over 30 years of low-cost underground JORC-compliant reserves. An underground water source has been identified for the SCIPP and an EIA for mine supplying IPP completed.

The SCIPP power plant is envisaged to be configured as a 2 x 150MW (gross capacity) coal-fired power plant. The boiler furnace will be of the circulating fluidized bed subcritical natural circulation type. The estimated in situ coal resource is 1,144 Mt in accordance with JORC Code and there are two main coal seams. Average seam thicknesses are 2.6m (Taukome Bright) and 3.7m (Morupule Main) with the coal found at average depths of 30-100m, to be accessed by underground mining. The prefeasibility study conducted on the mine and plant including associated infrastructure was completed in July 2014.

Based on a feasibility study undertaken, the SCIPP is anticipated to use groundwater as the primary source of water for power plant operation. Groundwater will be drawn from aquifers in the vicinity of the SCIPP project site.

Like the MEIPP, limestone for the SCIPP will be sourced from either Botswana or South Africa, providing a calcium carbonate (CaCO3) content of more than 90% and water content of 1%.

With regards to the grid connection, the SCIPP power plant will be connected at 400kV into Botswana Power Corporation’s (BPC’s) nearby 400kV substation, located approximately 27km in a south direction from the proposed power station site.

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